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Sector: Manufacturing / Technology Products

Client: Philips

Technology: implementation of Chronos Workflow Platform for providing a platform the company can easily setup and manage its own processes in self-service way. Within 2-3 yrs several internal and mission critical processes have been implemented, for example:

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Sector: Hotel Business / Leisure

Client: Danubius Hotels Group, Hungary

Implemented Processes: Purchase request, IT Helpdesk flow, Travel approval process, Expense reporting.

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Sector: Public / State

Client: National Development Agency (NFÜ)

Technologies: Chronos Workflow Platform, SQL server, intergation to document management system. 

Implemented processes: 

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Sector: Bank sector

Client: Volksbank

Technologies: Chronos Workflow Platform, SQL Server. ASP.NET

Implementing the Internal regulations approval process in CWP with integration development to a Java-based document management system. BPR consultation.


Sector: Telecom

Client: Invitel 

Technologies: Chronos Workflow Platform, Oracle i10, intergation with 3rd party systems.

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Sector: Municipal / Public Sector

Client: Łódź town, Poland

Technologies: Chronos Workflow Platform, MS SQL, DotNetNuke CMS

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Sector: Pharma

Client: Richter Hungary

Technologies: Chronos Workflow, .NET, MSSQL

Some of the implemented processes:

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Sector: Manufacturing

Locations: Hungary, Germany

Our client has implemented and started to use CWP web solution to automate their back-office processes without using IT development resources. The concept was to provide a 1 (one) day administrator training for a key user that enabled their finance and other departments to setup and run critical back-office processes those needs audit trail and fast approvals day by day.


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