Professional Staffing


Staffing solutions from temporary staffing to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services help companies to achive the resourcing model with the required flexibility to fit current business needs taking into account and workflorce complexity too. Therefore selecting and implementing the appropriate & compliant staffing solutions can be a challenging process for HR procurement and sourcing teams.

Why Chronos Systems is the ideal partner for providing staffing services in Hungary?

  • Chronos has more than 15+ years of experience in the field of managed staffing service, EOR and outsourcing as a member of the Coberon Chronos Group.
  • Stable financial background and steadily growing business year by year.
  • Licenced in EU and fully compliant with Labour Code.
  • Active candidate databases and established contact network for finding the right professionals for a scalable pool of candidates.
  • All business processes from mapping to contract signing and payrolling are automated by our Chronos Workflow Platform
  • Multi-language contracts are available for our customers and employees.
  • Chronos provides up-to-date information and free consultation for client about Labor Code provisions and their application. 
  • Chronos acts as the payroll processing agent, therefore our clientd are exempt of directly dealing with all payroll related administration and also statistical reporting. 
  • Tailored, flexible and individual staffing service fees for every client.


Temp staffing service includes the following, which can be ordered separately as well:

 Staffing service ChronosSystems diagram


Professional Staffing administration includes:

  • Staffing / Employee-leasing contract.
  • Full range of employment services (from recruitment to hiring and termination of employment).
  • All hiring and employment administration with the selected candidate.
  • Full range of payrolling, tax payment & social security administration.
  • Preparation of Payroll Tax & Employer Contributions Returns, records.
  • If necessary, accommodation and travel arrangements in case of business travel.
  • Providing monthly data to comply with clients' statistics and reporting requirements.


CHRONOS expertise of staffing service in the following disciplines:

  • IT & Technical
  • Engineering
  • HR / Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Procurement


Chronos Systems has had the privilege of working with many Fortune 500 corporations over the past decade and half. References are available on request.