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Why Chronos Workflow system shall support and automate business processes aside ERP?

How Chronos Workflow Platform collaborates with ERP systems?
Several levels of branched, parallel and sub processes can not be missed by CWP! Why?
Chronos Systems gives the answers:

Chronos Workflow Platform v.5.0.1 subversion with new system functions released

Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP) version 5.0.1 is now available to our customers.

This latest subversion release includes the new functional developments and provides a better user experience for those using or implementing Chronos Workflow. The daily work goes even more smoothly for the users and customers.

  • QR and e-barcode direct reader
  • Special manual signature & upload feature within the processes
  • Get the camera function opened in Chronos Workflow on your devices  &
  • Photo direct-uploads into workflows

Chronos Systems released the new mobile/tablet optimized CWP

Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP) version 5.0 is now available to our customers.

This latest version release includes significant developments and provides a new experience for those using Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP).